Peace of Mind Process

Peace of Mind Process

You never have to worry about your loved one's final arrangements when you choose peace of mind cremation & funeral services. Our strict procedures ensure the security and integrity of our process, so you can rest assured knowing that your loved one is in good hands. We provide a wide range of services to accommodate every need, from simple cremations to elaborate funerals, and we always put your needs first. With our compassionate staff and dedication to quality care, you can be sure that your loved one will receive the best possible send-off.

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What Happens During our Cremation Process?


  • From the moment we receive the body until the end of cremation, we make sure that there is proper identification. A band with a scan-ready bar code is placed on your loved one. This band will be scanned at every step of the process. A number is assigned to them that will be stamped on a non-combustible disc that they will carry with them even during cremation. This disc will be placed in the cremated remains to serve as a permanent indicator, and the ID or number will be recorded on all forms of paperwork. This will guarantee that no mix-ups will occur at any of the steps during cremation. 
  • The funeral director and/or staff will carefully inventory any personal items that belong to the deceased and label it and return to the family.
  • As an additional identification safeguard, the deceased fingerprints will be scanned. These digital fingerprints will be safely stored in our secure database (in any case that it may be needed by the family in the future).
  • The body of the deceased is viewed by the county medical examiner or the office of the state, then they will verify the identity and cause of death before issuing a permit to cremate. 


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  • In order to complete the necessary authorizations for cremation, the family will need to consult with a funeral director. Until the family has completed signing all the necessary forms and instructed us to proceed, then we will perform the cremation.
  • We make sure that only Licensed Funeral Directors oversee our crematory. All of the necessary permits and paperwork for cremation will be received by them. They will review all these paperwork and make sure that they are properly noted and documented. During the cremation process, these documents are placed outside the cremation chamber. The documents will stay alongside the remains until it is placed in the urn. All paperwork will be scanned and verified to match the identification code that was placed with the body.
  • We take great care to keep all information about the cremation on file in our computer system. This way, if there are any questions or issues during future administrative work related to this process then they can easily be answered without having access only through verbal conversation because every detail is properly documented and saved.
  • The cremated remains will be labeled with the deceased’s name and will also contain the permanent identification disc, and this will be received by the family. Along with it, the family will also receive a cremation certificate with the necessary information of the deceased.


How Long Does the Cremation Process Take?


Apparently, the Cremation process doesn’t take that long. It typically takes 2-3 hours to complete the cremation process – provided that all the necessary paperwork and permits are completed and approved.


Iowa Cremation Services


Des Moines Cremation is the premier cremation service in Iowa. We provide compassionate, professional and affordable cremations to families throughout Des Moines, Urbandale and West Des Moines. Our family of experienced professionals are committed to providing our clients with exceptional care during this difficult time.


When it comes to your loved one’s final arrangements, we understand that cost can be a concern. That’s why we offer competitive pricing on all services without sacrificing quality or attention to detail. Whether you choose traditional burial or green cremation services, our dedicated staff will ensure that every step of the process goes smoothly from start-to-finish so you don’t have to worry about anything except saying goodbye.


Simple, Dignified, Affordable.


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In order to keep our costs low, we are able to offer services to families that experience a death in Polk, Dallas, Warren, Story and Boone counties.

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