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Des Moines Cremation is one of the best providers of cremation and life celebration services in West Des Moines, IA and surrounding areas. Locally owned and operated for many years now, we always strive to serve the families in our community with dignity and excellence. Our supportive and caring staff are available to assist you with any questions you have about our services and guide you through the process. Our goal is to provide you a simple, affordable, and dignified cremation and life celebration. Call us today at (515) 331-6538.


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When a loved one passes away, there are many important decisions you need to make to honor their memory and lay the person to rest. It can be a challenge to navigate the various choices, especially if you are trying to navigate the industry without support. If you need cremations in West Des Moines, IA, rest assured knowing that our team at Des Moines Cremation is always here to help.


We understand the challenges you are facing when you need to choose a cremation package. However, you don’t have to make these decisions without support. Instead, we’ll provide information about your options and offer various solutions to match your family's needs.


When you choose our experienced team, you benefit from designing modern services that are an excellent fit for your loved ones. We honor your requests and listen to the small details to personalize the service if desired.


Getting Started: Cremations in West Des Moines, IA


Cremation Service West Des Moines, IAOur team at Des Moines Cremation provides ongoing support to help your family before, during, and after the cremation is complete. We strive to offer a full-service experience for everyone who contacts our team.


One of the benefits of choosing Des Moines Cremation is that we specialize in cremation specifically. So, we can cut out unnecessary stress and help you focus on the things that matter most. Our quality services include everything you need to lay your loved one to rest in a dignified, respectful way.


As you are getting started, feel free to browse through the information here on our website. We offer details about different funeral packages so you can get an overview of what to expect. Additionally, you are welcome to pick up the phone at any time to talk to a member of our team. 


Cremation Packages to Consider


As you learn more about these quality services for cremations in West Des Moines, IA, you’ll see that there are four main packages to choose from:


  1. Simple Cremation: The first cremation package includes all of the basics without unnecessary services. We take care of the paperwork, transportation, and essential containers for the remains and ash storage. This package is the cheapest solution, giving you a quality experience at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for a traditional funeral.
  2. Expedited Services for Cremation: Sometimes, families have a tight timeline to complete the cremation service. If you would like to speed up the process, then talk to us about expedited care. For an extra fee, we can complete the cremation as soon as possible. Additionally, our team uses courier services to ensure you have the death certificates in hand soon.
  3. Celebration of Life with Cremation: Is a basic cremation not enough to help you find closure in the situation? Consider planning a celebration of life for your family and friends to attend. With the services, our staff provides the support and planning help to coordinate an event at the location of your choice. This service can be a great way to share memories about your loved one.
  4. Veterans Ceremony: Did your loved one proudly serve time in the armed forces? Then talk to our team about options for a veteran service at the Iowa Veterans Cemetery. If the person is a qualified veteran, then we can help you coordinate these services.


Do you need more information about any of these cremation packages? Then contact us at Des Moines Cremation to talk to an experienced cremation planning team. We’re always here to help when your family needs assistance learning about the industry.


How Much Should You Spend on Cremation?


Cost is often a factor when families are coordinating end-of-life services. If you are worried about the budget, then cremation is the best solution. These services are a fraction of the price you would pay for traditional funeral care. Often, full-service funeral packages are expensive because you are paying for a casket, headstone, cemetery plot, the use of a funeral home, graveside services, embalming, and more.


We are committed to providing cost-friendly solutions for all families. You can schedule cremations in West Des Moines, IA, without breaking the bank. Learn more about the quality of our services by scheduling a consultation with our team at Des Moines Cremation. We offer a convenient location at 6800 Lake Dr, Ste 200, West Des Moines, IA 50266. Call any time if you would like to discuss cremation packages over the phone or schedule a meeting with a cremation expert: (515) 331-6538.


Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

Who is Eligible for a Veterans’ Funeral?

To be eligible, you must have served for the required period and have been discharged or separated from active duty under terms other than dishonorable. Members of the United States Armed Forces who die while on active service are also eligible, as are the spouses and dependent children of surviving and deceased veterans, as well as current and deceased members of the armed forces. Learn more about veterans' funerals.


What are Veterans’ Cemeteries Called?

Veterans' cemeteries are commonly referred to as national cemeteries. A national cemetery is a military cemetery that primarily, but not entirely, contains the burials of U.S. military men, veterans, and their spouses. Learn more about veterans' cemeteries.


What is Included in a Cremation Package?

The basic services of the funeral director and staff, transfer of remains to the funeral home, embalming, and other other preparation, memorial package, online memorial, and use of facilities and staff for viewing are usually included in a cremation package. A temporary container for cremation is also included. Learn more about cremation packages.

Simple, Dignified, Affordable.


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In order to keep our costs low, we are able to offer services to families that experience a death in Polk, Dallas, Warren, Story and Boone counties.

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