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Des Moines Cremation is a straightforward crematory that offers simple and affordable cremation services in the greater Des Moines area in Iowa. For many years, we take great pride in the cremation process we have created and how effortless it is for families to avail of our services. Our onsite crematorium guarantees that your loved one will never leave our care throughout the process. Since we provide dignified cremation services at the most affordable price, you are not paying extra services that most likely will not use like visitation rooms, chapels, and reception centers. Call us today at (515) 331-6538.


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When you are finalizing the details for end-of-life services, you need to choose between traditional burial or affordable cremations in Des Moines, IA. What is the ideal service to match your preferences? Our team at Des Moines Cremation is here to answer your questions and help you learn more about the benefits of cremation.


While cemetery burial has been a traditional service for many years, more families are choosing cremation now. As you learn about your options for cremation, it’s easy to see why this service is gaining in popularity. You have more flexibility to finalize a service that is the perfect fit for the needs of your loved ones.


What You Need to Know: Cremations in Des Moines, IA


Cremation Service Des Moines, IADon’t make assumptions about cremation services without talking to our professional team for more information. Unfortunately, there are many myths about Iowa cremations, making it hard for families to make educated decisions about this topic.


For example, some people assume that cremation means that you aren’t holding a funeral or memorial. But the truth is that you can choose any type of event to go with cremation. Or, there is always the option to stick with a simple cremation if you don’t prefer to have an event for family members and friends.


Cremation is only about the way the person is laid to rest. You can include cremation as part of a bigger funeral package, depending on your preferences.


Cost of Cremation: Cheaper Than Traditional Funerals


One of the most notable benefits of cremation is that these services are quite a bit cheaper compared to the cost of a traditional funeral. Therefore, your bill will be a fraction of the price when you choose cremations in Des Moines, IA. Instead of paying for a casket, event center, cemetery plot, headstone, and more, you can keep it simple with one low fee that covers everything necessary for the cremation process.


Keeping these costs low means that you can preserve your money for other priorities that the family might need. Too often, families are burdened by the high expenses for traditional funerals. As a result, loved ones are left paying the bill for years after a family member dies.


If you would like more information about the cost of cremation, simply talk to our team about the available options. We have package details listed on our website, showing some of the most popular cremation services and the corresponding prices.


At Des Moines Cremation, we are proactive about maintaining full transparency when it comes to pricing. As a result, there is never a surprise about how much money you will spend.


Types of Cremation Packages


What services would you like to plan as part of your cremation package? Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular services:


  • Simple Cremation: This service includes all of the necessities you need to complete the cremation process for the lowest price. It includes essential services without any extras. Services include transportation from the place of death, refrigeration, a cremation feed, a basic container, and a temporary container for the ashes.
  • Expedited Simple Cremation: The next option is everything listed above but on a faster timeline. We speed up the process of filing the necessary paperwork and use courier services to complete the death certificates as quickly as possible.
  • Veterans Services Cremation: When a loved one served in the armed forces, you might consider a veteran’s ceremony. After the cremation is complete, we can assist with a committal service nearby at the Iowa Veterans Cemetery. This service is only available for qualified veterans.
  • Celebration of Life and Cremation: When the simple cremation is complete, you can choose to hold an event with friends and family. This celebration of life is held at the location of your liking, such as a church or event center. Our team assists with all of the details for the memorial, including staffing and equipment on the day of the event.


Personalized Cremation Services


The most important detail is that you are honoring and respecting your loved one after they pass away. As you are coordinating cremation services, talk to our cremation planning team about available personalization options.


We can assist with unique things, such as special ways to lay the ashes to rest. You can choose a burial or a memorial urn. Or, many families want to plan an experience such as scattering the ashes or planting a tree. Consider your family traditions and cultural influences when choosing the ideal services for your loved one.


If you have questions about cremations in Des Moines, IA, then don’t hesitate to talk to us about your options. We’ll help you find the answers you need and finalize the details for the ideal cremation package. Des Moines Cremation has a nearby location you can visit for a consultation. We are located at 6800 Lake Dr, Ste 200, West Des Moines, IA 50266. Call anytime to discuss these cremation services over the phone: (515) 331-6538.


Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is an Onsite Crematory?

Onsite crematory means the retort or cremation chamber can be found inside the funeral home. However, funerals homes that don't have their own crematory hire a third party which is often located in warehouse districts or other industrial-type regions. These funeral homes transport your loved one to these outside cremation providers and leave them there for days or weeks until they are cremated. Learn more about onsite crematory


Can I Have a Service with Cremation?

When it comes to service offerings, people who choose cremation have more alternatives and freedom. After the cremation has taken place, a memorial service can be planned. These services can be held in your church, at your home, at a park shelter, at a golf club, or at a hotel. Learn more about the cremation process


Is a Casket Necessary for Cremation?

The body must be kept in a hard, leak-proof container for dignified storage, transfer, and handling, according to Iowa law. Crematories now have a wide range of cremation containers and caskets that are both affordable and designed exclusively for cremation. These cremation containers are not to be mistaken with urns because they are consumed during the cremation process. Learn more about cremation caskets.

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In order to keep our costs low, we are able to offer services to families that experience a death in Polk, Dallas, Warren, Story and Boone counties.

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